We are proud to say that our residential and domestic air conditioning installations qualify for reduced-rate VAT at 5%. This is because the Air COn machines we recommend and work on qualify under the government “energy efficiency material “schemes.

We are therefore able to supply the unit, labour and materials as part of the install and charge only 5% compared to the standard 20% VAT – saving you 15% on top off our already competitive rates.

We are also able to do this on any of our maintenance, servicing, and repairs.

We are able to offer 5% VAT providing our work is done in either of the following premises:

Private homes / Flats
Student accommodation
domestic property
Charities (non-business)
Residential care homes
Village Halls
Disabled care home
monasteries, nunneries, and similar religious communities
Self-catering holiday accommodation
Static Caravans

Get in touch with us today to learn more and save on all your AC needs.

If you are a developer and constructing new dwellings or converting a premise to residential use you should qualify for zero-rated VAT using our installation services. Please get in touch to find out more about this saving.

Thanks to our friends at for their assistance. VAT-Centric Ltd

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